Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial with Stephanie Cotta

By | January 5, 2018

We partnered with Stephanie Cotta to produce the Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial. This tutorial is an incredible look on the entire process of building a business around newborn photography.

Explore more of this photography tutorial and download the entire educational video series at the product page here: https://goo.gl/WzDFyr

Stephanie Cotta is an award-winning newborn, family, and celebrity photographer. She has proven to be one of the most successful and sought after photographers and educators in the industry. After taking this course you will have a deeper understanding of the approach to natural studio lighting, lens selections, camera choice while shooting on manual. Come on location in this comprehensive tutorial to elevate your newborn photography and post-production workflow

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12 thoughts on “Ultimate Newborn Photography Tutorial with Stephanie Cotta

  1. Clive Timmons

    it's not "art" and you need formal training on lighting which is dreadful…..sorry

  2. Talimtiger

    Not a fan of this kind of photography. Looks so unnatural, especially making them prop their heads up with their hands. I really don't get why people want to commemorate their newborn babies by making them look fake like dolls. We took my daughter's pictures all with her natural movements, instead of "molding" her body like rubber.

  3. Neha yadav

    You just told about yourself, nothing about baby photography: (

  4. Andrew Watson

    I am just getting my portrait studio up and running and  would like to get in to newborn photography ive just got back from a sminar by a couple of new born photographers called maddies angles and feeling inspired had a look on youtube and found you would like to know more how do i get to your tutorial? 

  5. carlismycat

    where is the tutorial?? I thought that was what I clicked on. Please provivde the link. thanks !

  6. Valerie Bybee

    Stephanie.  THANK YOU for that last line! I love watching people who started where I am give back to the community to help those who want to be exactly where you are. I too have no formal training but I believe in myself and know I have a gift for photography.  I am excited to watch your tutorial. I want to incorporate newborn photography into what I already do.


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