By | May 13, 2018

Check out these beautiful photography images:

beautiful photography
Image by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
Beautiful. One of the nicest views of Japanese Junks I’ve ever seen.


THIS IMAGE is one of several examples of a largely ignored facet of Old Japanese Photography — a genre called "TAISHO ART" or "TAISHO PICTORIAL PHOTOGRAPHY". The pictorialism movement in Japan reached its peak during the reign of EMPEROR TAISHO (1912-26), thus the name attached to the genre. See the extended comments at the set link for PICTORIALISM IN OLD JAPAN just to the right of this picture.

NOTE : As this is an "Art Photo", there was probably some manual manipulation of the image. I personally think it is a combination of at least two photos — (1) The mountain and river shipping scene, and (2) the sky. Adding a separately photographed sky to an image was — like shooting through fog, or playing with focus — just another typical (or optional) "artistic" move during that time.

The base of Fuji has also been manipulated to smooth it out, and provide greater contrast against the tree line. There are times when I am suspicious about other elements, and if any cutting / pasting was done.

All of this forensic analysis aside, the finished image is what the artist-photographer was after, and he did a fine job achieving it.

Finally, Okinawa Soba has also had a hand in the posted image — by removing a later in-photo title from the bottom-right side of the image. The postcard publisher had ruined the original photo by placing a title right in the water, thus messing up the photographer’s original piece. I did my best to carefully remove it.

Ca.1920, Real-photo gelatin silver print. Postcard format.

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