Nice Cool Photography photos

By | November 29, 2017

Check out these cool photography images:

Arc de Triomphe
cool photography
Image by Stuck in Customs
This is a dangerous spot! But so pretty…

It was a cool night in Paris. It was a bit damp too, as if it might rain at any moment. So that kept me moving from spot to spot pretty quickly. I was secretly hoping for a bit of rain… Europe at night in a light rain is always kind of charming. I’m pretty sure that locals don’t find it charming… just annoying.

Trey’s Tip: Go ahead and get several long exposures. It’s a bit like shooting a spinning ferris wheel – you never quite know what you will get until you check it out later that night when reviewing your work.

from the blog

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snake yawn
cool photography
Image by ucumari photography
I stood there fascinated watching this guy yawn. I asked the keeper if they do indeed yawn and was told that yes they do. They also do this behavior to finish swallowing their meal or to adjust their jaws. Pretty darn cool.

cool photography
Image by Jim’s outside photos

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