Nice Cool Photography photos

By | April 4, 2018

A few nice cool photography images I found:

Prune palms
cool photography
Image by 1eyephotography
Pretty Cool…Never seen a palm get prunned. They climb up and hatch away at the coconuts and the dead branches. The bundle of coconuts fall to the ground and crash spreading about. then a bunch of folks come by and gather some for themselves and even request the workers to cut them open for a drink. Wish I had my camera with me at the time … there were a few shots I wish I had gotten where one guy was perched up high with the wind blowing and bending the palm while he drank coconut water.

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Antalya, Turkey SunRise
cool photography
Image by PistoCasero
More cool stuff here: Gilberto Moya

Pretty on the Inside
cool photography
Image by Thomas Hawk
LUCKY JUJU PINBALL ART GALLERY, Alameda, CA: Pinball art is pretty amazing stuff. The Lucky JuJu Pinball Art Gallery in Alameda has about 25 pinball and other machines there to check out. Last night I went to Lucky JuJu to check out the show opening of Troy Paiva and Joe Reifer’s Boneyard Night Photography show. Troy posts to Flickr as Lost America and Joe posts as himself, Joe Reifer.

These two guys are two of the best and most dedicated night photographers around.

The Lucky JuJu Pinball art gallery was a perfect place for their show and is a great place to visit anytime. They seem to have a super open policy about photography there and the vintage games are a ton of fun to play.

The mermaid shot above was taken from one of their pinball machines.

Lucky JuJu is open from 6pm to midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Admission is for adults and for kids under 12. Included in the admission price you can play all of the machines there for free. It is definitely one of the coolest spots in Alameda and I’m definitely going back very soon with my boys.

To see all of the photos from of this opening last night you can check out my smartset on Zooomr here. If you click on the little icon in the lower left hand corner of any thumbnail in this set it will open it up in lightbox mode for optimal viewing.

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