Nice Awesome Photography photos

By | April 11, 2018

A few nice awesome photography images I found:

Luke’s Reflection
awesome photography
Image by Nicholas Erwin
Sorry for the late post today but I was enjoying the crazy 75f weather today here in Vermont. It’s pretty awesome.

Anyways yesterday I did something crazy. I deleted my Instagram account. I didn’t just temporary disabled it. I permanently deleted it forever.

Why did I do such a thing? Instagram was taking over my life. I no longer felt like I was taking pictures for myself. When I took photos, I kept asking myself, "is this worthy for Instagram? Will people like it?". It was taking control of me.

I’m a photographer who shoots many genres and people on Instagram only care if you shoot what they like. Here on Flickr, I can share whatever I want and people don’t mind. The community is so much different.

I can post a photo on Instagram and within 6 or hours, it’s basically gone. On Flickr, I still get comments on photos I’ve uploaded years ago. People can search for photos easier on Flickr.

I really felt that Instagram was hurting my creativity and my state of mind. It was screwing with my head. I’d lose 30+ followers in hours just because I didn’t post a landscape photo or something. I’ll get one photo that recieves 150+ likes and then the next one, 30 likes. It made me feel like crap, like I was not good enough.

I was constantly comparing myself to others and asking, why can’t I be good as them? Seeing all these people traveling around the world made me depressed because it felt like I’m worthless, a loser.

The endless scrolling over and over and over, I’d spend hours looking at it and making meaningless comments just to increase my numbers and when I didn’t get the results I expected for that amount of effort, I got upset. Angry sometimes. It made me feel like I wasted my day.

When I deleted my account last night, I felt like 500 pounds was lifted off my shoulders. I feel free. I felt like I was in power of my life again.

Now that Instagram is no longer on my mind, I feel like I can enjoy photography once again and be happy with what I’m doing.

Will I never join Instagram again? Who knows. I may come back someday when I feel ready. But for now I’m going to take the extra time I have and use it to better myself as a photographer.

Sorry for the long post.

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154/365. Levitation : Falling Is Just Like Flying.
awesome photography
Image by Anant N S
"Falling is just like flying except there’s a more prominent destination." – Jim Moriarty from BBC Sherlock (Get DVDs here)

Inspired by the conversation between Jim Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes in the finale for Season 2 – The Reichenbach Fall

If you haven’t checked it out already (because you’re living in some remote part of the world), you should totally watch it. If you like movies/TV and you love Sir Doyle’s work. It can’t get any better. Trust me on that.

About the picture: Levitating/Falling picture. Almost sprained my neck being in that position. Shitty Monday!

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Cusco 332
awesome photography
Image by – Adam Reeder –

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