Nice Awesome Photography photos

By | March 9, 2018

A few nice awesome photography images I found:

awesome photography
Image by Benoit cars

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Departing: Anxiety; Destination: Escape
awesome photography
Image by

Photofx Ultra
Union App
PS Touch
Lory Stripes
Stackables App
Camera Awesome

Sunset Lake
awesome photography
Image by Håkon Iversen Photog – On and off Flickr
England, baby!

Oh yes, yours truly and Mr Über are heading down to Dorset, Englenad for a whole weekend of photography and beer! This is going to be epic!

So I thought I’d throw out an old/new shot before I leave.

Me and my girlfriend was bored a weekend last year so we decided to take a drive around the island Andøya. The outer side of Andøya is one of the most beautiful places I know of. I’ve spent countless days out there fishing in my younger days, but I’ve just recently started exploring it for photography. Of course I took my camera with me and received the usual "Remember that I am with you. we are NOT on a photo trip, this is a boyfriend/girlfriend trip!".."Of course! It’s just in case!" I said, thinking "that’s what you think". 😉 …but when we saw this AMAZING sky as we came over a small pass and saw it reflected in this lake it was she who said we should stop so I could take some shots. The problem with this lake is that the road is right next to it, and there is cabins all over the place. THat combined with a girlfriend I did not dare pushing the patience of made my comp alternatives very few. This is the one that came out best. But one thing is certain. May 29th this year I am going to be at the EXACT same spot…alone! 😉

Have an awesome weekend everyone! I know I am going to!

Canon 5D + 17-40 @ 19mm
Lee .9 (and I think i stacked the .6 as well) soft ND grads
Heliopan Pola
Impatient (although beautiful) girlfriend.


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