Lights @ Winter Garden Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON – Friday May 10th 2013 – Siberia Acoustic Tour

By | July 9, 2018

A few nice beautiful photography images I found:

Lights @ Winter Garden Theatre Centre, Toronto, ON – Friday May 10th 2013 – Siberia Acoustic Tour
beautiful photography
Image by Shandi-lee
I love her smile so much 😀

I had the absolute pleasure to see Lights again last night in the beautiful Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto. This was my second acoustic show. This show was for her Siberia Acousitc album. It was a fantastic show and her voice astounded me, as always. I had an absolutely wonderful evening and even got a set list as a souvenir! Lights: if you see this for some reason, thank you for being such a great human. I wish I had better words to describe how you impact my life so positively.

check out the songs I filmed from last night: Joga (Björk cover) | Second Go

you can view my other photos of Lights here :).

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It is under the Creative Commons license: Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works. This means if you credit me as the author, (*link* back to this image and my name Shandi-lee Cox), use it for personal reason, (not commercial), and do not edit or alter this photo in anyway (no cropping or adding text etc.) you may use my image however you’d like. If you wish to use any of my images commercially or to modify the image you will need my permission. You may request this via flickr mail e-mail, or contacting me on one of the social media platforms I’ve listen above. Otherwise, you don’t have to let me know you’re using my image correctly, although I love hearing from you!. Thank you so much!

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Grand View Of Achyutaraya Temple, Hampi
beautiful photography
Image by VinothChandar
Looks Beautiful in Large!
Press L to see in Large & Black
Press F to Fave 🙂

Hampi is a magical place with hundreds of ruins. This achyutaraya temple is one of the best spots in Hampi.

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Coconut Palm Tree Beautiful Florida Sky
beautiful photography
Image by Captain Kimo
Coconut trees at the Jupiter Inlet Park with some beauitful sky and cloud colors. HDR image created using Photomatix Pro.

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