Flash Photography Tutorial Trailer | Master Lighting Basics

By | January 6, 2018

Introducing our latest workshop, Lighting 101 | Foundation and Light Shaping. More info here: http://slrlounge.com/lighting-101

Music “Collapse” by Aaron and Andrew licensed from – http://www.themusicbed.com
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20 thoughts on “Flash Photography Tutorial Trailer | Master Lighting Basics

  1. Kunal Upadhayay

    where can i find all the videos for lighting 101 ? is their any link than please provide

  2. Jose Monserrate

    I have this and he is sitting in front of the computer talking the whole time. they show on location for like 5 seconds and then he talks about it in front of that same computer. he demonstrates using a dolls head instead of a real model. save your money and buy a good book instead

  3. Grace Raymond

    what was the first place he mentioned? I just heard desert

  4. Paul Stevenson

    Drop the muzak it is extremely annoying and adds nothing – I exited after a few mins.

  5. Andrew Power

    Brought to you by the love-child of Zack Snyder and M. Night Shyamalan.

  6. Somewhere in America wil moore

    Nice video trailer however I feel like I'm on dajavue land. This has been covered so much in YouTube land. I'm sure it's a nice course as stated it is lighting 101. But you can purchase a book for less and there are other outstanding photographers that teach this on YouTube. Bottom line everybody's in business and my thumbs up for that but I'm not buying a reinvented wheel. What do you guys think.

  7. Jonathan

    that the cost of a flash…well either the course or buy a flash and watch the other dudes for free…mmmmm, which one?

  8. Mahomodally Yousuf

    Hello SLR Lounge,
    Can you please give me some suggestions on which Nikon flash i should buy to get these type of images???


  9. King Pintal

    Too expensive for me. I'll explore, experiment and pay attention to details, take notes and practice instead. $99 wow.

  10. Phil Shaw

    Every shot is with a reflector and an assistant.. soooo without the assistant is this video worthwhile????


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