Ethiopian Tribes, Suri

By | February 10, 2018

A few nice beautiful photography images I found:

Ethiopian Tribes, Suri
beautiful photography
Image by Dietmar Temps
Ethiopia, tribes, Surma, Suri people

Beautiful young girl seen by the Kibish river near the village Kibish.

When you visit the Surma area you probably follow the road from Tum to Koka and Tulgit and finally Kibish. Most of the tourists are going directly to Kibish, which is the biggest settlement in the area with a police station, a tourist office, two small restaurants, some shops, and, if you are very lucky, a cold beer. Around Koka, Tulgit and Kibish there are many small Suri villages which can be reached easily by foot.

In Koka you cannot find any children by the riverbank waiting for photos. You need to go to a village, ask the chief for permission for photos and then it is no problem at all. The kids paint themselves, the face and their bodies with white, orange and sometimes green colors. In Tulgit you find the children by the riverbank waiting for tourists in the afternoon. Additional to the body painting the kids around Tulgit are using any blossom, flower or green plant they can find to decorate themselves for the photos. The same spectacle you can find by the Kibish river, but here the children are even little ‘actors’: they are very creative in posing in any pose you can imagine, they climb any tree they find and make bizarre faces just to attract you for a photo!

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Once Upon a Time ♥
beautiful photography
Image by William Mendonça – Fotografia
Photo: Will Mendonça
Model: Lua Morales




beautiful flower
beautiful photography
Image by francescoprocida

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