creative photography – portrait tutorial

By | December 17, 2017

video by Elliott Mariess

How to easily use your DSLR to take great portraits with limited equipment.

There is no need for expensive gear, just one camera and one lens is enough if you know how to look for the good light.

20 thoughts on “creative photography – portrait tutorial

  1. Ubi Kayu

    Hiya. Great review, i really enjoyed it :). I love portrait, shooting people photos. My friend offered me his D700 (replaced shutter n he's kinda into mirrorless i think) to me about the price second hand 5D M1(just a lil bucks more). With honest opinion, should i go to the great deal D700 or 5D M1? Thanx 🙂

  2. Saeid Eidiyan

    hi Again Dear
    last time i asked you question but yu did not reply me.pls reply me
    to day my qusetion is that you said if we shoot in A Mode we can fixed iso sensitive .in case we want to shoot in S Mode then we can fix iso to sensitive.
    pls kindly reply my 2question

  3. Saeid Eidiyan

    Hi Dear
    i want to just ask you on all these pics shoot taken by Aperture Mode?
    pls kindly let me know.

  4. Owen Copson

    is it me or were most of the photo's highlight's too bright?(or maybe that was the look he was going for)

  5. Saul Garcia

    Did it to happened that the crop factor of 1.5 on the Nikon D5100 changed you focal length and aperture?

  6. Larry Hunt

    Excellent video – shared on some portrait shooting pages. It packs SO MANY tips into such a short video.

  7. Steve Phillips

    Great tips and pictures, and beautiful natural modelling from Courtney.


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