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By | July 10, 2018

Check out these cool photography images:

Day One Hundred Thirty Seven
cool photography
Image by Dustin Diaz
137/365. The stale taste of recycled air ~ The Postal Service

Today Erin and I did a photo shoot of a graduation at UC Berkeley. I gotta admit, I really like this D3. The smaller form factor and thick grip makes it comfortable to hold (compared to D700 + MB-D10).

Anyhow, this shot was taken much later in the night after sun has passed and the air was finally chilled. It even fulfills my weird photo fettish of fire hydrants (except calling it a fettish sounds gross). One small note that you might find funny — Erin pointed out that she found out where my inspiration comes from: Chuck! Go ahead and watch a brief recap of season 1 to get a good idea of where the influence comes from (especially the night scenes). A common pair of lights you’ll see is CTO fill, and bare bulb (blue w/ cool white balance) for rim. One could even call it the "two light pony". It’s ‘very’ common, but more importantly, makes a huge difference in the "rad" department.

For those interested in the rest, read on…

camera, setup, strobist info: see here

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Cool desk but totally strange setup…. right??? What’s with the hands??
cool photography
Image by tracysolomon

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