Cool Beautiful Photography images

By | August 12, 2018

Check out these beautiful photography images:

beautiful photography
Image by EJP Photo

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Scale, Cathedral Gorge, Bungle Bungles, Purnululu National Park
beautiful photography
Image by BRJ INC.
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BBC Bang – Scale
The representation of a subject can be deceiving even if your literally viewing it. But by using some sort of scale either let 1 cm = 2km or have a match box beside a a coin, you then add some context to the photo because now the viewer knows the exact size. In this case a small waterfall with meager sized boulders are turned into gigantic football pitch sized pond all through the use of scale.

To elaborate more on Purnululu National Park…

It is located in north east of Western Australia. The nearest major town is Kununurra to the north, or Halls Creek to the south.
Purnululu is the name given to the sandstone area of the Bungle Bungle Range by the Kija Aboriginal people. The name means sandstone or may be a corruption of bundle grass. The range, lying fully within the park, has elevations as high as 578 metres above sea level. It is famous for the sandstone domes, unusual and visually striking with their striping in alternating orange and grey bands. The banding of the domes is due to differences in clay content and porosity of the sandstone layers: the orange bands consist of oxidised iron compounds in layers that dry out too quickly for cyanobacteria to multiply; the grey bands are composed of cyanobacteria growwing on the surface of layers of sandstone where moisture accumulates.

Baby Art II
beautiful photography
Image by Blisco_O
El arte que vamos desarrollando desde pequeños y algunas personas seguimos las lineas del amor al arte del dibujo, expresado por los niños..
Este es un dibujo de mi sobrina en la pizarra..

The art that we develop from childhood and some people follow the lines of love to the art of drawing, expressed by the children ..
This is a picture of my niece on the board ..

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de visitar mi galería y espero su opinión sobre lo que le trasmita o consejo que desee dejar escrito para luego aprender mas de este mundo tan precioso fotografía. saludos y que tenga un buen día..

Thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery and I hope your opinion about what you transmit or advice you want to stop writing and then learn more about this world so beautiful photography. Greetings and have a good day .

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