Cool Awesome Photography images

By | June 3, 2018

Some cool awesome photography images:

And now I try street photography
awesome photography
Image by kevin dooley
One of my goals in my trip to the Arizona State Fair was to try my hand at "street photography". My interpretation of street photography is that you take pictures of people in public places without asking their permission (or attention) and catch them in an emotionally interesting moment.

How well did I do? So much crap. Out of focus. Poor lighting. Bad composition. Chopped off heads. And, even when an image was clear, most often it was pretty boring. I have SO MUCH respect for the great street photographers on Flickr… I’ll post a few of the passable ones and see what you think… This mother and baby are having so much fun, what a nice moment!

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awesome photography
Image by Benoit cars

All The Blood Rushing To Her Head
awesome photography
Image by EJP Photo

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