Cool Awesome Photography images

By | May 3, 2018

Some cool awesome photography images:

Channeling Atget via Melbourne 24/36
awesome photography
Image by

This series/essay covers 48 hours of moments and scenes in my last visit to Melbourne in July 2013. The edit style is inspired by Eugène Atget and his photographs of "old Paris". It was not my intention to turn Melbourne into Paris, even if it is our most European city, but to capture the mood that was conveyed through many of Atget’s images. In a time when things seemingly move forward too quickly, moments come and go and are forgotten – and in the end, like many historical images in our visual landscape, all these moments, like all the people, are just that: the past.

All images were taken using Procamera in iPhone 4S.
Some edits were done on the iPhone 4S whilst others were streamed via iCloud and edited on my iPad 2 – I wanted to ensure that these were "mobile only" – a juxtaposition: capturing the 21st century, reflecting a time when photography was romantic and using modern, non-romantic technology.

Apps used to edit were the same right through to: Snapseed, Tintype App, Koloid, Mextures and Camera Awesome.

My apologies if you have to read the same caption on the whole set.

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Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 Las Vegas
awesome photography
Image by – Adam Reeder –

The Terminal
awesome photography
Image by Stuck in Customs
You guys know I love the Asian airports. I can’t quite figure out why they are all so awesome. I suppose that the government just pours a ton of money into them. But, I don’t really understand the economics of airports, even though I spend a lot of time in them. I know the airlines have to lease the gates, so that provides a regular income, but probably not enough to pay back the billion dollar pricetag to get it built. I’m pretty sure there is a lot of incestuous stuff that goes on… I know some giant Asian airlines are subsidized by the government, which in turn give money to airports that are owned partially by the government, and it all gets more messy from there. I suppose I’m just used to the government doing everything badly here.

This is one of the smaller terminals in Beijing. The main terminal is huge, and you get to this one after you pass through security. The floors are so glossy, I feel like wearing ice skates!

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