An awareness moment

By | June 5, 2018

Some cool awesome photography images:

An awareness moment
awesome photography
Image by birdsaspoetry
When I was but a very young photographer, apprenticed to the way of the light and lens, my mentor, subscribed to a German Magazine, International Grossbild Tecknik.
This large format photography magazine always had some of the best colour printing/photography across all photographic streams.
Invariably among the pr, ad, portrait, wedding, landscape, macro, travel and product photography would be an article on some aspect of nature photography.

When I looked at this image for the first time, it reminded me so very much of the delicate balance of light and tone from those awesome images in IGT.

This is a moment of awareness for both photographer and fox(ette),
It had been playing in the den with its siblings and stepped out in the the weak sunshine.
The reaction as I recall it went something like this.
Perhaps the universe stood still while the parties involved thought:

Photographer. "Fox, take a picture".
Foxy locksie, "Human, Mum said run away"

When the universe began to move again we each reacted to type.

Oh wow! Explored. First time I’ve ever shared an image in Explore that I’ve been really happy with.

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black and black
awesome photography
Image by Benoit cars

Wet Wet Wet
awesome photography
Image by fs999
Tamron SP 90mm f:2.8 Di Macro

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